Our Crown is Saved!

The Team at ‘Save Our Crown’ would like to extend a warm welcome to our new publicans, Claire and Chris.

We are delighted the pub has been bought by a team who are dedicated to ensuring The Crown remains our much-loved pub at the heart of our community.

The power of community is great – thank you to all who helped along the way, whether through investment, practical help running our highly successful pop-up-pubs, or advice and support. We are grateful to Fivehead Parish Council, South Somerset District Council, and the Plunkett Foundation for providing advice and financial assistance in our endeavours to ‘Save Our Crown’.

We are lucky to have new landlords who share our vision of having a traditional, community-focused pub. We need to keep supporting them and sharing a pint or two with a tasty meal whenever we can.

Thank you

Dave, Carrie, Peter, Bernie, Victoria, Ed, James, and Pip

SOC November 2021

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