Buying Shares

Our community bid to buy our pub will be funded through shares and grants. To find out more read on…

Proposed Share Offer at a Glance*

Types of Shares
Interest-bearing and withdrawable community shares

Potential Return
Discretionary annual interest payment from year 3 (assuming profitability) initially capped at 2% above Base Rate to an absolute maximum of 5%

Price Per Share

Investment Limits
Minimum £100 per person/institution, Maximum £ (to be agreed)

Share Offer Targets
Minimum £TBC, Maximum £TBC

Share Offer Dates
Offer opens (dd/mm/yy)

Offer closes (dd/mm/yy)

Open to anyone 18 and over. One member one vote, regardless of value held

*Please note, these options are just proposals at this stage


There are many charities and organisations, both nationally and locally that will fund community projects to save our facilities to address social isolation, particularly in rural areas.

The COVID pandemic has temporarily diverted these grants to help our communities recover. They will be up and running again soon, so watch this space for our progress in applying for grants.

It is important to show any potential funders that our community wants its pub back and it will bring our community together again. Please do pledge your support by registering your interest in buying shares.

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