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ACT NOW to help keep The Crown Inn public house open in Fivehead, a well loved and important community meeting place.

A planning application has been submitted to turn the pub into a private house. If you feel that having a pub in Fivehead is important, please make your views known; here is a link to make comments on the South Somerset District Council planning website.

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The application can also be found via the South Somerset planning website Reference 20/02475/COU

We feel the pub is of vital importance to our community. We can remember when this pub was really buzzing –there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be so again, in the right hands. Many of our community groups rely on this meeting place to come together and enjoy each other’s company; even more vital in a post-COVID world.

We strongly object to this application which, if approved, would result in the permanent loss of a vital community focal point. If properly run, our pub would be financially viable again. The planners have an obligation to ensure that established community facilities and services are able to develop and modernise, and are retained for the benefit of the community. The Crown Inn is such a village facility and we must do all we can to prevent its change of use.

Pubs are identified as community facilities by Paragraph 92 of the National Planning Policy Framework, and Councils are required to safeguard their use and resist their loss. The Crown Inn, in the past has proved itself to be popular, successful and economically viable when run by enthusiastic and committed licensees, which a community group would be able to provide.

‘Good pubs have a positive effect on property prices’

Contrary to popular belief, living close to a pub can actually have a positive effect on the value of your home. The key thing to consider, however, is the type of pub. Rowdy watering holes are obviously not ideal, but a well-regarded gastropub can really make a difference when you decide to sell up.

A recent survey showed that 23 per cent of buyers thought having a good local was an important part of their decision-making process. Add to that the fact that close proximity to a popular pub could add as much as 10 per cent to property prices and it’s easy to see why having one within walking distance is beneficial.

(Sce: Petty, Son and Prestwich’s blog 13/06/2020)

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